Energy-saving new fashion product : IKO self-lubricating linear guide all kinds, good effect, green environmental protection, choose IKO !

Talking about IKO self-lubricating linear guide, the first thing that comes to mind is to save time, save resources and save energy, Saving has become its main features. And this main feature is exactly what is needed under the background of energy shortage and environmental pollution. Seeing is beliveing , here i will recommond you to know some of these IKO products.


This linear bearing includes ML, ME, MH, MX,MUL… total five series. Among them, ML is a mini IKO self-lubricating linear guide, and the smallest slide width is only 5mm; ME is a generic type, suitable for general industry applications; MH has the characteristics of high rigidity and high load. MX is a structure with four rows of rollers crossing, which has the functions of ultra-high rigidity, ultra-high load and ultra-large torque. It is suitable for machine tool industry and electronic equipment industry with high rigidity demand. MUL has a special U-shaped purchase, which greatly improves the rigidity against torque and distortion, and can be used as a structural component of machinery and equipment. They carry on the tradition of high performance and high quality products of Tosung Corporation of Japan. Saving time is mainly because self-lubricating linear guide is maintenance-free, which saves a lot of time. The lubricating oil in the self-lubricating tube maintains lubrication performance for a long time. Even if the original lubricating oil in the tube has been exhausted, the capillary lubricating body can provide lubricating oil continuously, thus reducing the labor required for tedious lubrication management and realizing maintenance-free (5 years or 20,000km).


Save resources. Self-lubricating linear guide makes great contribution to environmental protection, because it only needs a small amount of lubricating oil to achieve the lubrication effect required by users. It is precisely because of this special point of small fuel consumption that self-lubricating linear guide can achieve lubrication effect even if used for a long time.



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