IKO imported precision miniature guide to reduce wear knowledge popularization

Japan IKO imported precision miniature guide will wear in the process of use, so how do we reduce it? IKO imported precision miniature guide rail in use should pay attention to not excessive, to appropriate adjustment and maintenance, in order to slightly reduce the additional wear on the machinery. First of all, we have to talk about the importance of each link to the machine when using.


Line rail speed is fast, suitable for finishing. Now the line rail is used more, but the width of the line rail by the design of the machine tool. Finishing generally uses linear rolling guide rail, because it moves fast, and rolling resistance is small, there is no crawling phenomenon, lubrication is convenient. After a long time, the precision loss is small. Rough processing generally with hard rail, its rigidity is good, slow speed. Steel – coated guide rails are generally used for heavy load. Its lubrication is very important. However, it is troublesome to adjust the guide rail after it is worn. But high-grade machine using hard rail or more, hard rail is mainly used for heavy cutting, line rail is mainly used for light cutting, cutting weight is relatively light, heavy cutting with low speed to match the machine tool of hard rail, light cutting with high speed, match the machine tool of line rail. In a word, hard rail rigidity is good, line rail speed, line rail life is not as long as hard rail.


1. The linear rolling guide rail in the precision guide rail imported by IKO belongs to the precision transmission equipment, so the lubricating oil must be used when in use. If the guide rail is used in the state of kerosene lubricating oil for a long time, it will cause product damage and affect the service life. And because the guide rail needs relatively small amount of oil and the refueling cycle is relatively long, there will be no heating problem of the linear guide rail at the general speed, so there is no need to force oil feeding.


2, IKO imported precision guide into the dust and foreign matter will affect and reduce the service life, so when in use must be added to the dust device for protection, all kinds of rolling guide at home and abroad have been used to seal the end cover and seal film, not only can prevent the entry of dust, but also can prevent the flow of lubricating oil. Therefore, in the use of a relatively harsh environment, it is best to consider the use of dust cover, when it must be used in a relatively large oil, humidity working environment, it is best to use a collapsible protective cover for protection, when the water and debris are more, with a telescopic plate protective cover, so that the effect can be better.


3, because of the special structure of Japan IKO imported precision guide rail and slider, so should choose the appropriate model and type according to its use conditions and special circumstances, the preload is too large, not only will increase the friction resistance, and the guide rail shock absorption performance will be worse, according to the IKO imported precision company of Japan through the experiment to prove: When the preloading force is doubled, the life of the guide rail will be reduced by 12.5%. Therefore, improper selection of the preloading force will not only lead to reduced product performance, but also affect its service life. As the core processing equipment of equipment manufacturing industry, CNC machine tools are developing in the direction of high speed, high efficiency, high precision, intelligence, compound and environmental protection. In high speed and ultra-high speed machining, high dynamic characteristics and control accuracy are required. Instantaneously reaching high speed and instantaneously stopping in high speed operation; Low vibration, low noise, stable operation; High reliability and long service life.


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