Note when analyzing THK straight slide rail off the track

Now basically all mechanical products need to use linear guides, and the biggest function of linear guides is operation, so the existence of linear guides in the whole industry is very necessary, but for THK linear guides now is also important, linear guides for support, just a small part. The quality of this part will directly affect the work of the machine, so special attention should be paid to the selection of linear guide rail to avoid unnecessary losses. It is the same in use. When THK linear slide rail is off the track, what matters should we pay attention to?


If the ball holder type THK guide slider product, even if the THK slider is removed, the steel ball will not fall off. For other models, there are two cases: with the ball holding function and without the ball holding function. For products with fixed function without ball, the ball will fall off when the THK linear guide slider is removed, which can be solved by false rail and stopper.


Different types of THK linear guide products show different allowable loads in different load directions. For radial guide rails, attention should be paid to the radial and inverse radial load rating values of the guide rails. It is recommended to use four-direction equally loaded guide rails. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the installation strength of bolts. If the bearing load is large, it is recommended to halve the spacing between mounting holes. For wall-mounted use, a mounting datum is required to protect the bolts from shear load.


Can THK linear guides be used on rough, raw surfaces?


The requirements for the planeness of mounting surface of THK linear guide rail and THK slider type can be found in the THK product catalog. You can refer to it.


What do we need to pay attention to when the LM guide rail is used alone?


If the LM guide rail is used alone, when it is subjected to torque load, the load distribution in the local area will be larger, which will shorten the service life. When the THK linear guide has partial load, the ball screw may be damaged by radial force. The ideal case is to use two LM guides in parallel. However, due to space constraints, you have to use a guide rail, you can choose the wide SHW or HRW type; Or you can increase the number of sliders to bear the torque.


THK Curved Linear Guide HCR45A+60/1200R

THK Curved Linear Guide HCR45A+60/1000R

THK Curved Linear Guide HCR45A+60/800R

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