THK linear bearing unique advantages

We are surrounded by things that move in a linear manner. At THK, their roots lie in developing linear motion (LM) guidelines that guide equipment precisely along a straight line. This manufacturing technique allows THK to continue to expand its range of linearly oriented products.
LM rolling guide (linear motion guide) is THK’s main product. It brings linear rolling motion into practical application for the first time. It realizes the development of high precision, high rigidity, energy saving, high speed machines and long service life.
Linear bearings and guide rails
Linear motion bearings or linear plain bearings are bearings designed to provide free movement in one direction. There are many different types of linear motion bearings. Linear bearings allow free linear motion. It consists of movable parts and a guide rail
Linear bearings move on guide rails. The guide rail has various shapes and sizes according to the shape of linear bearings. There are circulating balls in the bearing, which bear the load. LM guides can move at high speeds or carry heavy loads. Its components are manufactured with high precision.
Application of linear bearings
The bearing market includes many different types, including; Journal, linear bearing and thrust bearing. Bearings enable equipment to roll and help reduce friction between bearing surfaces and bearings. Linear bearings are components used for translational motion and achieve high precision linear motion on circular axes by using cyclic ball paths. Linear bearings help withstand less noisy loads. Linear bearing motion along a single axis provides less friction. It is used for low friction motion along a smooth slide bar. Linear bearings are cheaper than traditional ball bearings, but they can be easily integrated into the slide frame design. Linear bearings have a wide range of industrial or automotive applications. Linear bearings are used to provide free movement in one direction. It helps the device be used to achieve linear or rotational motion, reduce friction and handle pressure.






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